Sri Lankan Cinnamon essential oil

The quintessence of spices

Considered to be the oldest known spice, cinnamon whisks you away to warm, exotic lands.

Our cinnamon, which comes from Sri Lanka, is obtained by distilling the bark of the cinnamon tree. You’ll enjoy its warm, gourmand, effervescent fragrance reminiscent of cloves.

Origins and culture

Cinnamon is the inner bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree and is obtained by cutting strips from the trunk, which curl into the familiar sticks.

The best hand-harvested cinnamon essences are distilled in Sri Lanka, and are naturally included in our collection.

Perfumers love the potent scent, at once refined and intoxicating, that can paradoxically be used both as an energetic, vivacious top note or as a base note for its characteristic bark facets.


Sri Lankan Cinnamon