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Dior x Compoz

The encounter of Dior fragrances and the unique craftsmanship of Compoz Paris.


Driven by a shared desire to create an object as luxurious as it is singular, the meeting of La Collection Privée and the French brand Compoz Paris unfolded under the sign of evidence.

Winners of the Vivatech LVMH Prize, distinguished in the world of French Tech as well as globally, Compoz Paris is recognized for its technological excellence combined with a French artisanal signature. It also shares with La Collection Privée Christian Dior a common passion for the most precious natural raw materials.

It is only natural that Compoz Paris and the house of Dior have signed an exclusive partnership to create D-air.

A true manifesto of beauty, craftsmanship, and French artistry, D-Air is an exceptional technological object signed by the luxurious and sleek allure of its contrasting lines. An object with a bold design adorned with the iconic Christian Dior band on Made in France leather.


Revolutionary technology meets Dior olfactory excellence.


Because the art of perfuming one’s interior is a unique ritual, La Collection Privée and Compoz Paris have developed an exceptional object: the D-Air perfume diffuser.

Equipped with a unique diffusion system, D-Air has a patented dry air diffusion technology, without olfactory pollution, environmentally friendly, and health-conscious.

A connected and intuitive work of art, controllable via its dedicated application, for a unique and customized immersive diffusion.


New scented moments


As beautiful as it is visionary, the D-Air diffuser offers five olfactory signatures among the flagship fragrances of La Collection Privée Christian Dior.

Like rare olfactory atmospheres signed by Ambre Nuit, Thé Osmanthus, Figue Méditerranée, Jardin d’Orangers, and Oud Supreme, these are the five fragrances to alternate according to your desires, seasons, and situations.

Its unique design, ingenious refill system, and adjustable olfactory diffusion make it an incomparable Made in France scented object, decidedly Dior.

An olfactory revolution to discover on

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