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Passionate experts dedicated to fragrance and well-being

Winner of the Vivatech LVMH Prize, recognized in the French Tech community and worldwide, Compoz Paris is a leading French brand founded by three fragrance and innovation enthusiasts: Aymeric Wuidart, David Lopez Bonet, and Xavier Pourcines.

Known for its technological excellence combined with a French artisanal signature, Compoz Paris advocates for natural and responsible perfumery, serving the most precious natural raw materials, for the pleasure of all.

The idea of creating a “digital perfume organ,” “entirely natural,” “intelligent and connected,” emerged in 2016 as an obvious choice for them.

Their goal: to use the power of scents to enhance everyone’s well-being every day, at home, in the office, during transportation, and while traveling.

The means: to enable everyone to create and diffuse the scents they desire in a matter of seconds—and to change them with a simple click.

However, a few imperatives accompanied this beautiful idea:

Ensure healthy and respectful diffusion: to address health issues with existing systems.

Offer 100% natural origin perfumes: for their combined virtues and unparalleled olfactory pleasure.

Develop an engaged and responsible brand: to align with their convictions.

Gathering a talented multidisciplinary team and renowned international partners, it took them 5 years of Research & Development to overcome technological barriers and give birth to Compoz Paris and its patented real-time diffusion and blending technology.

A true manifesto of beauty, craftsmanship, and French artistry, the Compositeur is now an exceptional technological object, boldly designed and proudly manufactured in France.

Quickly adopted by private customers as well as luxury spas and hotels, Compoz Paris rapidly expanded internationally with clients on every continent.

In 2022, Compoz became a strategic partner of the Accor Group for the olfactory in hotel rooms the olfactory experience in hotel rooms. The first deployment took place in the 130 suites of the Raffles Hotel in Doha.

In 2023, Compoz announced an exclusive co-branding with the luxury house Christian Dior, giving birth to the D-Air: the fusion of Christian Dior perfumes and Compoz Paris’ unique expertise.

Because the art of perfuming one’s interior is an unparalleled ritual, Compoz Paris has developed an exceptional object: the Compositeur.

A unique and intuitive connected object, controllable and programmable via its dedicated application, for a 100% immersive, tailor-made diffusion without olfactory persistence.

— Aymeric Wuidart, Co-Founder Compoz Paris

Compoz Paris

Biomimicry Closest to Nature


Our technology faithfully reproduces this principle of nature: fresh air, olfactive molecules, and nothing else.

— Aymeric Wuidart, Co-Founder Compoz Paris

Closest to Nature
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It was a summer evening. As we dined in the south of France surrounded by the scents of jasmine, fig trees, and aromatic plants, the idea struck us: how does nature diffuse the scents of flowers when flowers are not liquid, and there is no heat, combustion, or solvent?

Imitating, reproducing nature, some call it biomimicry.


A project made of encounters


When you present revolutionary ideas, you meet people who tell you that you will never make it, and others who share your vision and take part in the adventure. They enrich it with their know-how and ideas.

Here are some of these atypical profiles who accompany us:

ALNOOR: Designer and contemporary artist, passionate about perfume and interior decoration, Alnoor has collaborated with the biggest luxury brands. His perspective, aesthetics, and attention to detail are behind the Composer: a design object that is both modern and timeless.

“I love creating coveted objects, objects of desire that respond to the ergonomics of their use and that challenge with their novelty. In this project focused on well-being, I wanted to integrate Feng Shui precepts: the Compositeur is thus the meeting of the 2 primary forms that are the circle and the square, while its colors (black and white) symbolize the energies Yin and Yang.”

MARYPIERRE JULIEN: Internationally recognized “Nose,” having composed for the biggest perfume brands in Europe and the United States, Marypierre is also passionate about natural perfumery and well-being. Head of the “naturals” and “new naturals” program at Givaudan, Marypierre brought her expertise to select the most precious ingredients in perfumery and create the original natural compositions of the Compoz Paris collection.

SABINE RAYNAL: Perfumer, aromatherapist, and teacher at the Isipca in Versailles, Sabine also puts her passion for scents and their benefits at the service of patients at the Garches hospital, where she practices the profession of olfactotherapist. Olfactory therapy has developed in recent years to improve patient well-being but also to help “unblock” or “reconnect” memories through the “memory” and “emotional” power of scents. Immediately interested in the possibilities offered by the Compositeur, Sabine accompanies the Compoz Paris teams in creating capsules and thematic playlists around the natural benefits of plants and their virtues for those who breathe them.

ORIOL SEGUI: General Manager of Givaudan Europe, a world leader in fine perfumery, Oriol has long advocated for a more natural and responsible high perfumery. He was one of the first to support Compoz Paris and become one of our most important partners. Today, Compoz Paris integrates the new naturals from the “Orpur” range and finances the Givaudan Foundation every year to help local communities develop responsible and ethical perfumery.

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