Compoz Paris | Se sentir bien, naturellement

The olfactory revolution dedicated to your pleasure and well-being.

Already embraced by leading names in luxury, wellness, and customer experience, Compoz Paris revolutionises our relationship with scents through its unparalleled technology: natural, healthy, respectful, and on demand.

Join the Compoz Paris revolution: diffuse your favorite scents in a single click, craft your personalised olfactive rituals, or offer guests fragrances that reflect their taste.

With Compoz Paris, feeling good has never been so simple and natural.

A world-class unique experience

Healthy, natural, and on demand

Bring nature into your home

Cutting-edge technology serving nature and well-being

Scents on demand

A unique patented solution, made in France

The Compositeur

The first on demand fragrance diffuser


The encounter between Dior fragrances and Compoz Paris expertise

A solution for every location

For everyday well-being.

Our customers' testimonials

Our customers' testimonials
Our customers' testimonials
Our customers' testimonials
Our customers' testimonials
Our customers' testimonials
Our customers' testimonials

Such a magical experience! The diffusion is incredibly refined, and the instant changes in atmosphere are simply breathtaking. A digital perfume organ?

Marypierre Julien

Senior Perfumer – Givaudan

Very good concept. You can create your own fragrance by blending several different essential oils. The customer service is excellent and pleasant. I am very satisfied. A must try!

Océane L.

Compoz Paris customer

The Compoz Paris experience is exactly what we were looking for: allowing our community to feel calm as they start their relaxation or meditation sessions.

Elisa Gassner & Maggie Schellong

Founders – Ōhia meditation center – Berlin

I discovered Compoz Paris at Harrod’s, and since then, my family and I can’t do without it!

Peter C.

Compoz Paris customer

Allowing our customers to personalise the olfactory ambience of their room in just 1 click is a real revolution for the hotel world. There is nothing as emotional and personal as scent.

Emlyn Brown

Vice President Wellness – Accor Hotels

The bespoke olfactory design offered by Compoz Paris is a real plus for our private clients.

Carla Marcillas

COO – Molins Design Interior – Barcelone

A responsible and committed brand

for the environment and for people

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