The first luxury home fragrance compozer

Allowing anyone to create, share and diffuse the scent they love in a fully bespoke and natural way.






Olfactory playlists on demand

Compose in real time the scents perfectly adapted to your needs & wants. Create your olfactory playlist and easily diffuse your preferred scents whenever you want to.

Adjust the intensity to your taste

Precisely adjust the scent intensity to your taste or to the size of the room sin order to always enjoy your scent at the right intensity.


Compoz unrivaled olfactory quality is achieved using the most innocuous diffusion technology : just fresh air and the best of nature.

no alcohol, no heat, no combustion, no sooth, no liquid.

The best of Nature

Enjoy the beauty of the most precious natural essential oils. Favoring organic or sustainable sourcing, each of them is carefully selected by our perfumers to ensure their highest olfactory quality.


5 years of R&D in collaboration with the best parisian perfumers have been necessary to offer a real-time and ultra precise blending of our natural essential oils.

Unleash your creativity and explore all the facets of your olfactory personnality.

Compoz Best of nature natural essential oils ethical sourcing

The best of Nature

Natural sourcing are fragile and high quality essential oils are not easy to source.  To provide our clients with the best of nature, we partnered with Givaudan and the Givaudan Foundation to search the world for the best quality of natural essential oils, favoring organic or sustainable sourcing.

Easy &

We use the best of technology to offer you the simplest way to create your scent scenography : smart algorithms to guide you throughout your creation journey, wireless programmation, voice control and so much more.

Compoz Parfum smart diffuser


black edition

Discover the depth of a black lacquered finish that can be personalized with refined and precious side panels.


white edition

Discover the purity and softness of a white lacquered finish that can be personalized with refined and precious side panels.