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What is the Compositeur de Compoz Paris ?

The Compositeur by Compoz Paris is an innovative solution for scent diffusion, allowing you to create customized olfactory atmospheres. It blends the art of perfumery with technology to provide a unique olfactory experience for your pleasure and well-being.



How works the Compositeur ?

The Compositeur exclusively utilizes capsules of natural origin essential oils from the Compoz Paris range. It precisely blends them to create customized olfactory compositions. Up to 5 capsules can be inserted into the drawer, and the user can choose and adjust diffusion settings either directly on the touchscreen or using the mobile application available on Google Play and App Store.


What is the diffusion technology of the Compositeur?

The Compositeur uses a dry diffusion technology based on biomimicry to diffuse natural essential oils. This technology has several advantages, including non-remanence (no olfactory pollution in your interior), no residue associated with heating essential oils, and a refinement of the diffusion power.

It is also the healthiest diffusion technology to preserve the quality of your indoor air, so the Compositeur is not contraindicated for pregnant women or children.


What are the available finishes for the Compositeur?

The Compositeur is available in high-quality finishes to seamlessly blend into any environment. The available finishes include wood, leather, and lacquered effect. All parts are available in our shop.

What is the maintenance required for the Compositeur?

The Compositeur is designed to be easy to maintain. You simply need to ensure to replace the essential oil capsules when they are depleted. The Compositeur can also be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth.


What room size can the Compositeur scent?

The Compositeur has been designed to scent living spaces of a maximum size of 50m². On average, it takes between 8 and 10 minutes for the Compositeur to uniformly fill the room with fragrance.

Does the Compositeur work on battery?

No, the Compositeur must be plugged into the power outlet (power block and adapters provided). Eco-designed, it goes into standby mode after 4 minutes of inactivity for ultra-low power consumption.



What size is the Compositeur?

The Compositeur measures 42cm in length, 27cm in height, and 11cm in width. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically to fit the space where you plan to place it.



Is the Compositeur noisy?

The Compositeur is equipped with a silent diffusion system for a pleasant and discreet diffusion experience. You can place it in your bedroom and enjoy the sleep ritual offered without being disturbed during your sleep.





How do I start and stop the diffusion of essential oils ?

To start diffusing essential oils, simply press the “Diffusion” icon at the bottom left of the Compositeur screen. To stop, press the icon again.


How do I save my favourite compositions?

You can save your favourite compositions either from the Compositeur touchscreen or directly from the mobile application. Simply select the composition you want to save and add it to your personal library by clicking on “Save”.


How do I programme my olfactory rituals?

The Compoz Paris Compositeur can be programmed to diffuse your olfactory rituals at specific times of the day. This feature is only available on the mobile application with your Compositeur connected by Wifi. To do this, select the “Programming” tab in the “More” tab of the mobile application and fill in all the necessary information (composition to be programmed, duration of programming, weekly repetition) then click on “Validate”.


Is the Compositeur connected to the internet?

Yes, the Compositeur is equipped with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, so you can control the diffusion of essential oils from your smartphone.




How long do Compoz Paris capsules last?

The capsules last on average 40 hours, the equivalent of a 150g candle.

Each shelf life varies according to the volatility of the essential oil, a bergamot (30h) being naturally more volatile than a wood (Smoked Vetiver capsule: 45h). You can precisely monitor the level of essential oil remaining directly on the Compositeur’s touch screen or via the mobile app.



What essential oils are available in the Compoz Paris capsule range?

Compoz Paris offers a variety of essential oils, including fine lavender, mint, geranium, bergamot, cinnamon and many others, each with its own specific benefits.


What are the aromatherapy benefits of each Compoz Paris essential oil?

In addition to their exceptional olfactory qualities, each essential oil of natural origin in the Compoz Paris range has specific properties, such as soothing, stimulating, relaxing and so on. These benefits are indicated on our website and presented in the mobile application.


How can I find out what effects an olfactory composition has on my well-being?

Each capsule and each olfactory playlist indicates its aromatherapy properties, allowing you to create or diffuse compositions directly according to the effects you are looking for, whether soothing, stimulating or relaxing.


Are Compoz Paris essential oils tested on animals?

No, Compoz Paris products are not tested on animals. They are also vegan.


Are Compoz Paris capsules safe for pets?

Compoz Paris capsules are safe for pets when used as directed.


Are Compoz Paris capsules safe for pregnant women and children?

Compoz Paris capsules are safe for pregnant women and children when used as directed.


How many pods can be inserted into the Compositeur?

The Compositeur can hold up to 5 pods at any one time. Each capsule can be played alone or mixed together to create a personalised olfactory ambience.


How many pods are needed to create an olfactory composition?

You can use between 2 and 5 pods to create an olfactory composition. However, we recommend using 3 to 4 pods to obtain a balanced composition.


Are Compoz Paris pods refillable?

Compoz Paris pods are not refillable, but they are replaceable. You can buy new pods when the current ones are empty.


How can I track and manage the remaining levels in my pods?

The mobile application lets you track the remaining levels in each pods, and will automatically warn you as soon as the remaining level drops below 20%.


Where can I buy Compoz Paris essential oil pods?

You can buy Compoz Paris essential oil pods via our mobile app and our online shop, or from our authorised distributors.

Are there specific compositions for seasons, special events or holidays?

Compoz Paris offers seasonal olfactory playlists to suit celebrations and events throughout the year. For example, you’ll find themed playlists for the festive season, Valentine’s Day, or rituals to help you fall asleep peacefully or wake up full of energy.

Are Compoz Paris pods recycled?

Yes, Compoz Paris pods can be recycled.

To help us, you can return your empty pods free of charge using:

  • The box for sending new pods, which is also a return box for your empty pods
  • The UPS return form enclosed with each new order.

All you have to do is drop off the return box at your nearest UPS depot .



What features are available on the mobile application?

The Compoz Paris mobile application allows you to control the Compositeur remotely, create personalised olfactory compositions, programme diffusion times, access olfactory playlists and rituals devised by the greatest Parisian perfumers, and much more.


What is the ‘Discover’ section of the application?

The ‘Discover’ section brings together olfactory playlists created by leading perfumers on a variety of themes and benefits.

You’ll find compositions specially designed to relax you, help you fall asleep or bring back olfactory memories of childhood.

Select the composition you want to discover, insert the capsules requested by the application and simply click on “Diffuse”.

These pre-programmed compositions can also be personalised. To do this, simply click on “Adjust settings” and adapt the composition in real time to suit you perfectly.

How can I download the Compoz Paris mobile application?

The Compoz Paris mobile application is available to download free of charge from the AppStore and Google Play shops.

How do I connect my Compositeur via Bluetooth?

Follow the step-by-step instructions on the mobile application.

Step 1: Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone

Step 2: Create a Compoz Paris account (email + password)

Step 3: Start the Bluetooth detection of the Compositeur by clicking on the Bluetooth icon at the top right of the touch screen.

Step 4: Copy the secure code displayed on the Compositeur’s touch screen into the mobile application when prompted.

How do I connect my Compositeur to WiFi?

Once paired via Bluetooth, the application prompts you to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Please note that only 2.4 GHz Wifi networks are compatible with the Compositeur. Please check your Wifi before connecting.


Step 1: Activate your 2.4 GHz Wifi on your smartphone

Step 2: Confirm the Wifi selected automatically by the application

Step 3: Enter your Wifi password in the application.

Can I order capsules via the mobile application?

Yes, you can order capsules via the mobile application and have them delivered directly to your home.

Can I control several Compositeurs from the same profile?

Yes, the Compoz Paris mobile application allows you to control several Compositeurs from your account, by registering them in the “Manage my Compositeurs” tab.

Is the mobile application available in several languages?

Yes, the Compoz Paris mobile application is available in several languages to suit the needs of our international clientele. Both the application and the Compositeur are available in French, English, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.



How does the after-sales service work?

If you have a problem or need assistance, the Compoz Paris after-sales service is at your disposal. You can contact our team with any questions or requests for repairs.

How long is the Compositeur guaranteed?

Subject to normal use in accordance with our general terms and conditions of sale and use, the Compositeur is guaranteed for 2 years, parts and labour.

Where can I find Compoz Paris products?

Compoz Paris products are available for sale on our website, as well as in a selection of retail outlet in France and abroad.

How can I become a reseller of Compoz Paris products?

To become a reseller of Compoz Paris products, contact us via our contact form to find out more about our partnership conditions.




Can the Compoz Paris Compositeur be used in customer reception areas?

Yes, the Compositeur is particularly suited to welcoming your customers in spaces such as hotel suites, spas, doctors’ surgeries, offices, and many others.

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Is the Compositeur compatible with other intelligent devices?

Yes, the Compositeur can be integrated into an existing home automation ecosystem. It is compatible with most home automation platforms and can be controlled remotely via dedicated APIs.

Contact us to find out more

My school uses several Compositeurs. Can I manage them all from the same application?

Yes, the mobile application allows you to manage several Compositeurs from a single profile for greater simplicity.


My staff need training to use the mobile application. Do you offer training programmes?

Yes, Compoz Paris offers training programmes for your staff to ensure optimal use of the Compositeur and the mobile application.



How do I update my Compositeur?

We regularly roll out software updates for the Compositeur, for security and compliance reasons, and to make new features available.

These software updates are carried out via our cloud servers, so the Compositeur must be connected by Wi-Fi in order to download and install the latest versions available.

By connecting via Wi-Fi, you can be sure of getting the best possible experience from the Compositeur.




I have a question or problem with D-Air by Dior x Compoz

For all enquiries about D-Air Dior x Compoz, please contact Dior Parfum after-sales service.



What subscription packages are available?

There are several subscription packages to choose from, depending on your needs.

Firstly, you can choose a subscription with a Compositeur. In this case, the price of the dispenser is reduced and you benefit from a one-year subscription to capsules, giving you an average saving of 30% on capsules.

If you already have a dispenser, you can choose the capsule subscription option and subscribe, with or without commitment, to a monthly number of capsules (2, 3 or 4) depending on how often you want to dispense.



How does the subscription work?

With a subscription, you receive a number of credits each month, depending on the formula you choose (formulas with 2, 3 or 5 credits per month).

With a subscription, each capsule is worth 1 credit.

You can spend your credits on the capsules of your choice and receive them at home every month.

I want to subscribe but I already have a machine. What should I do?

All you have to do is subscribe to the no dispenser package and only receive monthly capsules in packs of 2, 3 or 5.



What are the advantages of a subscription?

Firstly, the subscription allows you to benefit from exclusive discounts on both dispensers and capsules (savings of up to 30%).

Capsule credits can be accumulated and used whenever you want, to best suit your needs.

Our different offers are adapted to your desires and needs: with or without diffuser, with (1 year) or without commitment, 2, 3 or 5 capsules per month.

If you take out a subscription with a commitment, 3 capsules are free for the first month.

Finally, when you take out a subscription with a commitment, delivery is free for the entire duration of your subscription.

How do I use my capsule credit?

Once your subscription has been activated, you will be able to see your balance of credits to spend in your customer area.

This balance will evolve with the monthly credits of the subscription and the debits of your purchases. To spend these credits, go to the shop and click on the capsule of your choice, its price will appear as well as the number of capsule credits it costs.

Proceed as usual by putting the chosen capsules in your basket, and pay using the ‘Pay with my credits’ option.

Your capsules will be delivered within 72 hours via our partner UPS.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your subscription by credit card, or via Apple Pay and Google Pay from your mobile phone.

You will be debited monthly for the subscription amount on a fixed date (anniversary of the first payment).

How do I cancel my subscription and what are the charges?

There are several possible options, depending on the type of subscription you have taken out.

In the case of a capsule subscription with no commitment, 30 days’ notice applies.

In the case of a subscription with a commitment that is cancelled before the end of the first 12 months, a cancellation fee of 80% of the amount of the months remaining until the end of the subscription period will apply.

Finally, if you have taken out a Compositeur and capsules subscription, an additional fee of around 80% of the amount of the discount on the Compositeur will also be applied.

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