Feeling good: The secret of scent.

Aromatherapy: The essential role of olfaction

Did you know that, in French, the words “to smell” and “to feel” are one and the same?

Of all your senses, the sense of smell has the most unique relationship with your brain. Unlike your other senses, which are processed by the rational parts of your brain, the olfactory bulb responsible for processing smells is directly connected to the reptile brain and limbic system, which is where your emotions and memories reside, and which also regulates your heartrate.

Your sense of smell impacts your feelings more than any other sense, affecting your mood, stress levels, and feelings of comfort or discomfort. Like no other sense, it can take you back to your childhood, transport you to far-off lands, or bring back memories of a loved one.

While it is often ignored in our rational modern societies, olfaction does in fact play an essential role in our lives: it balances us, relaxes us, and makes us smile.

We created Compoz Parfum so that everyone can experience their own, unique memories and olfactory pleasures.

It’s an invitation to discover bespoke aromatherapy, so that the fragrances we surround ourselves with are more than just a decorative touch and actively support our well-being every single day.


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Your olfactory heritage is as unique as your DNA

Have you ever wondered why you love a certain smell when it leaves your best friend indifferent? Why does one scent evoke fond memories for you while others find it off-putting?

Like your personality, your olfactory heritage begins to take shape in the first years of your life. Your brain imprints the odours from your environment and associates them with moments of fulfilment, enjoyment, or love – or, on the contrary, fear, displeasure, and discomfort.

We’ve all experienced times when a particular fragrance sparks a memory from childhood, a holiday, travels, parents, or friends.

This construction of your relationship with smells, emotions, and memories – the main subjects of aromatherapy studies – makes your olfactory heritage as unique as your DNA.

Unconsciously, we spend our lives searching for the smells that make us feel good.