Verbena essential oil

The scent of serenity

Used extensively in herbal teas and medicinal remedies, verbena leaf and the essential oil it contains have calming, soothing properties. Verbena is perfect for relieving stress.

Its fragrance, both herbal and lemony, is a great way to turn your living room into a relaxing, cosy space.

Origins and culture

Native to South America, verbena now thrives in Mediterranean climates.

The plant has been used for many years for its strongly scented leaves known for their numerous aromatherapeutical properties. Its essential oil is distilled from its leaves and flowers. Approximately 7 tonnes of plant matter are required to obtain one kilo of essential oil!

In the Compoz collection of natural essences, our verbena essential oil will bathe your compositions in subtly fresh, tangy notes that blend particularly well with the woody notes of Pine Forest or Smoked Woods.