Indonesian Patchouli essential oil

A mysterious, mystic scent.

Its complex facets of subtly earthy wood make patchouli perfume an essential element in the perfumer’s palette.

Patchouli symbolises the hippie movement and has a woody, complex scent that’s both mysterious and mystic.

Origins and culture

Patchouli leaves grown in Indonesia are dried before being distilled, revealing their unique fragrance and its multitude of virtues.

The essence of patchouli thus obtained gives off an earthy, humid scent, yet it also has the characteristic, airy freshness of camphor.

You will enjoy using it to recreate many olfactory landscapes, such as the smell of an autumn undergrowth during a walk by associating it with Fresh Grass or the luxuriant scenery of a tropical forest by marrying it with the solar notes of Ylang-Ylang.

For the Compoz collection of natural essences, we selected a patchouli perfume created from an Orpur quality of essential oil from Indonesia from our partner : Givaudan.


Indonesian Patchouli