Oud Wood essential oil

Precious wood

Primarily used in the Middle East, where it is extremely popular, oud perfume has gradually gained ground in perfumery in recent years.

Oud wood is born of the rare encounter between a fungus and agarwood, resulting in one of today’s most coveted raw materials. It is sometimes valued at more than its weight in gold.

Origins and culture

Derived from the aquilaria tree, oud wood is a resinous wood native to the tropical forests of Asia.

The oud we use is grown in Cambodia as part of a sustainable management programme for this rare resource. You’ll enjoy the unique, exotic experience of its deep, powerful, woody, animalic fragrance.

This natural essential oil of exceptionally high quality has become ubiquitous in contemporary haute parfumerie, finding its place in the Compoz collection of natural essences.

Oud perfume is particularly intriguing when combined with the finest materials. Rose reveals its feminine side, Bergamot gives it striking freshness, Vanilla and Tonka Bean give it a smooth feel, Leather reveals its masculine side, and Fresh Spices give it radiance.


Oud Wood