Green Fig

Reminiscence of a summer luncheon in Provence.

Picture yourself sitting in the shadow of a fig tree, lulled by the sound of the breeze through its branches. Rather than the fruit, imagine the leaves. Our Green Fig perfume reveals the elegance of green, slightly milky and fruity notes gorged with sunlight and nature. Discreetly savour this refined moment.

Origins and culture

The fig tree grows only in dry soil at sun-drenched latitudes. In the perfumer’s palette, a distinction is made between green fig and red or black figs.

It is technically impossible to obtain an essential oil of Green Fig. Like most fruits, the essence cannot be distilled. The talent of our perfumers lies in having found a way to use other natural essential oils to recreate its addictive, gourmand fragrance.

For the Compoz collection of natural essences, the Green Fig perfume provides the characteristic full-bodied scent of this sun-drenched fruit.


Green Fig