Pine Forest essential oil

A walk in the forest

Evoking a hike in the mountains, a summer in the woods, or a family reunion around the Christmas tree, forest smell,  scent of pines and evergreen trees are unmistakable.

As you inhale the odour of resin collecting on the branches and the warm, pungent scent of the fresh, green needles, you’ll feel like you’re exploring the conifer forests of Siberia.

Origins and culture

The main species used in perfumery are Tyrol pine, Siberian pine, maritime pine, and Scots pine.

To obtain a strongly scented essence, perfumers steam-distil pine needles and twigs.

Our perfumers have chosen the natural essential oil of Siberian pine so you can experience its fresh, resinous scent.

Pine Forest smelle is invigorating and fresh, it energises the woody family in the Compoz collection of natural essences.

Do you remember that last walk you took in the forest last spring, soothing and serene?

Combine Pine Forest with our Patchouli to find the characteristic smell of humus, Aquatic to evoke the ocean so close by, and Fresh Grass to remember the smell of morning dew. Close your eyes: you are transported to that olfactory memory you love so much.


Pine Forest