Drifting in the surf

Our Aquatic accord, reminder of the ocean perfume, beckons to those who love sailing, walking on the beach, or taking in the views from atop a cliff.

It’s an invitation to experience the ozonic, slightly salty scent of a sea breeze, evoking a feeling of freedom.

ocean perfume aquatic essential oil

Origins and culture

It is technically impossible to extract an essential oil from seawater. Our talented Master Perfumers have succeeded in recreating the unmistakable scent of sea spray from an essential oil extracted from Laminaria seaweed to give you an authentic, natural olfactory experience of the ocean perfume.

In your compositions, Aquatic will go particularly well with the different woods of our collection – especially Smoked woods for a surprising land-sea contrast.

Don’t hesitate to play with our different citrus fruits such as Bergamot to recreate aquatic colognes evoking Greek coves or southern Italy.

Dive into the ocean or go for a stroll along the coast – all from the comfort of your own home.