Absolute Leather

The elegance of an English country club

Leather perfume notes are always a favourite of perfumers, adding luxurious facets to scented creations.

Our perfumer recreated a vegetable-tanned leather: comfortable, with a warm caress and notes evoking an English country club or an Italian jacket.

Origins and culture

Tanners first perfumed their leather in the seventeenth century, beginning with gloves. Since Catherine de’ Medici donned her scented gloves, leather has successfully crossed the eras to become a must-have scent in a perfumer’s olfactory palette.

It is technically impossible to obtain an essential oil from leather, which can obviously not be distilled in the same way as a flower. Our perfumers’ creative prowess is to have found a way to recreate the olfactory composition of leather using only plant-derived natural raw materials.

In your compositions, this iconic leather perfume can be subtly blended with the floral notes from the Compoz collection of natural essences, particularly Jasmine Sambac, Rose, or Ylang-Ylang.


Absolute Leather