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Acclaimed by the most celebrated perfumers, Compoz Parfum is launching Le Compositeur, the first smart, natural, bespoke essential oil diffuser.

Made in France, Le Compositeur gives you a way to freely compose exceptional fragrances in real time for unparalleled olfactory enjoyment. It uses the finest natural fragrance materials and treats them with care.

Using the touch screen or the Compoz app, you can create intuitive olfactory playlists and schedule your scents to be diffused whenever it suits your mood or your plans. Perhaps you’re planning a relaxing afternoon or a party with friends, or maybe you’d like to delve back into childhood memories or improve your sleep cycle.

An infinite number of creations lie at your fingertips to help you feel great, every day.

Packed with technology

for a unique olfactory experience.

Free composition

Olfactory playlists

Guided recommendations

Calendar-based scheduling

Healthy diffusion

Multi-composing control

HD Blend™

A world unique and patented technology that allows a high-definition, real-time blending of multiple essential oils to freely create an infinite number of fragrances with percentage precision.


Respect for nature and the most beautiful raw materials from their harvest to their diffusion thanks to a responsible sourcing, a patented protective encapsulation in recyclable pods, a respectful diffusion without combustion or alcohol, which preserves the olfactory qualities and the olfactotherapy benefits of the oils.

My Compoz™

A cloud-enabled and intelligent application platform, it allows you to discover your olfactory profile, to access blend recommendations, to save and share your creations, to program your olfactory playlists in the blink of an eye, but also to control your Compositeur remotely and to learn more about the raw materials used in perfumery and their benefits.

Striking design

to make scent-diffusing décor a focal point of your daily life.



Le Compositeur fits in with anyone’s lifestyle. You can change its appearance and position as you see fit.

Whether it’s the focal point of your living room, placed horizontally on a console or table, or discreetly nestled away in the corner of a bookshelf, Le Compositeur will find a place in your interior. It can fade into the background or be placed front and centre to be admired by all.

An olfactory speaker

by Alnoor.

A Frenchman of Indian ancestry, Alnoor is an alumnus of the École Supérieure de Design Industriel in Paris and a Découverte Maison & Objet interior design prize winner. Passionate about decorative arts and perfumery, he has collaborated with many prestigious brands such as Dior, Graff, Hermès, Saint Louis, and Saint Laurent.

For Compoz Parfum, he designed Le Compositeur, an emblematic device that’s sculptural, modern, and timeless at once.

“I wanted to design a beautiful olfactory speaker and enjoy the simplicity of using a high-tech, high-end speaker that can diffuse unique, personal olfactory symphonies.

Like sound, smells are intangible by nature. Now, they can be shaped and formed. They are living natural materials, and it makes you feel good when you inhale your own scented creation, just as you feel soothed or happy when you listen to your favourite musical piece.”

— Alnoor Mitha de Bharat, Designer of objets de convoitises.