Pine Forest


Evoking a hike in the mountains, a summer in the woods, or a family reunion around the Christmas tree, the scent of pines and evergreen trees are unmistakable.

As you inhale the odour of resin collecting on the branches and the warm, pungent scent of the fresh, green needles, you’ll feel like you’re exploring the conifer forests of Siberia.

Average diffusion time: 40 hours

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Out of stock


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Fragrance family


Diffusion time

40 hours on average

Essential oil

Accord of natural essential oils of balsam fir, Siberian pine


Height: 60 mm – Width: 30 mm


The capsule is recyclable. Please use the return envelope provided with your purchase to send the capsule back to us for recycling.

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No contraindications for pregnant women or children