Creative set – Herbal


This set is an invitation to green and herbal creations, and is centered around two exceptional notes in the Compoz repertoire: Herbal and Fine Lavender.

To facet and reveal these green notes of character, you can associate them with the lemony freshness of Verbena, the roundness of Green Fig or the acidic sweetness of Neroli.

5 capsules for a multitude of possible olfactory emotions.
Average duration of diffusion: 30 to 50 hours on average.

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    Additional information

    Essential oils of natural origin.

    Verbena|Fine Lavander|Green fig|Neroli|Herbal

    Diffusion time

    30 to 50 hours on average


    Recyclable paper kit.
    Recyclable pods.
    Please use the return envelope provided with your purchase to help us recycle the empty pods.