Creative set – Wood


This set with powerful, elegant and intense notes pays tribute to the wood family.

Around Smoked Woods and Patchouli, we have selected 3 of the most beautiful natural essences from the Compoz repertoire, which blend perfectly with the woody universe: The tonic freshness of Calabrian Bergamot, the sparkling side of Fresh Spices, the animal notes of Absolute Leather.

5 capsules for a multitude of possible olfactory emotions.
Average duration of diffusion: from 35 to 50 hours on average.

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    Additional information

    Essential oils of natural origin.

    Bergamot|Fresh spices|Absolute leather|Smoked woods|Patchouli

    Diffusion time

    30 to 50 hours on average


    Recyclable paper kit.
    Recyclable pods.
    Please use the return envelope provided with your purchase to help us recycle the empty pods.